Welcome to Leigh Browne Pirate Fun Boat & Cocktail Bar

Join the Pirates!

Treat yourself by joining our unique Pirate Fun Boat Leigh Browne.

The party never stops

Chill out with the sea breeze and the pretty view of Ios Harbor, unwind with a nightcap and be prepared for a night like no other..

Rum and beyond..

Enjoy your cocktails and cool drinks from the most distinguished alcohols and spirits brands.

Welcome to Leigh Browne, Ios Pirate Boat

A day to remember

If you want a real sense of freedom and adventure, memories lasting for a lifetime, sail aboard our amazing Pirate Fun Boat Leigh Browne.

Captain Nikos and his crew are your hosts for an adventure cruise you will never forget.

All you need to do is turn up with a hat and sunscreen and be prepared for a fantastic time.

 See you on board.